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Nov 4
Queer Asado + Cumbia moves

We will welcome you with a big barbecue so you can experience our typical flavors of picada, chorizo, morcilla, the best Argentine meat cuts and grilled vegetables. All will be paired with Malbec wine and nonalcoholic beverages. This dinner show includes Cumbia dancing with professor Anahí Carballo.
U$S 80
3 hours


Nov 5
Happy Pride - Queer day at Pride BA
4 pm

Come join us at Pride Buenos Aires to celebrate with a group of Queers. We will meet at the Obelisco on Av. 9 de Julio and Av. Corrientes to march from there and enjoy the bands and parade.
5 hours


Nov 6
La Boca & San Telmo Tour
2 pm

We will meet in Caminito, La Boca, for a historical tour and then go to San Telmo (transport included) to the antique faire.
6 pm
We will dance Milonga pañuelo blanco at Plaza Dorrego, San Telmo.

U$S 80
5 hours


Nov 7
Chacarera Class
11 am

Picada, empanadas, Chacarera class, Chacarera practice and a Malambo show to finish the night.
2,5 hours
Location: San Telmo Dance Studio (Av. Paseo Colón 588)

Max: 15 pax
U$S 90


Nov 8
Queer empanada cooking class
11 am

Empanadas cooking, tasting and recipe. Meat and vegetarian options. Picada, Argentine wine, and a Queer Tango Show by Anahí Carballo!
2 hours
Max: 7 pax
U$S 90


Nov 9
Queer Tango class, lunch with empanadas, practice and show!
11 am

San Telmo Dance Studio
3 hours

Max: 15 pax
U$S 90


Nov 10
Queer alfajor making class + mate drinking class

How to serve mate, how to bake homemade alfajores, tasting and recipe.
Folklore show
Max: 7 pax

U$S 90
2,5 hours


Nov 11
Queer Tango class, practice + La Catedral.
8 pm

Queer Tango class
9 am 
Queer Tango practice + Empanadas & Wine dinner
10 pm
La Catedral (transportation + entrance + class included)
Compañía Tango entre mujeres Show
Max: 15 pax

U$S 100
6 hours


Nov 12
Historical Recoleta Tour + Queer Milonga
All in a queer and gay group
2 pm

Recoleta Tour 
(cementerio + feria - graveyard + fair)
8 pm
Queer Milonga Class + Show at El Tortazo

U$S 70

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