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Andrés, transgender, grew up in San Isidro on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, baking alongside his grandmother and dancing tango with his grandfather. Tango music was an almost constant presence in their house - on the radio and on TV (Grandes Valores del Tango), but mostly via his grandfather's singing and dancing. Andrés immigrated to the Bay Area in 1998, where he became part of the local Argentine queer community centered around, you guessed it, Queer Tango. At queer milongas, Andrés was able to not only touch base with his cultural roots, but also freely explore his masculinity and queerness.
Tango is more than a hobby for Andrés, it’s a passion. He's a regular at local milongas and hosts his own at home and at his Oakland café, Wooden Table. Andrés is the owner and head chef of Wooden Table, specializing in baking a delicious array of alfajores and other Argentine treats. Wooden Table proudly celebrates its queer immigrant identity and is a gathering place for those who identify as such.
Andrés frequently travels to Buenos Aires to spend time with his family, shop at ferias, sip coffee at cafes and host asados and, of course, to dance. He knows exactly where to get the best medialunas and the best local crafts.



Anahí Carballo, queer feminist, is a native of Córdoba, Argentina and has lived in Buenos Aires for 14 years. She is the founder, director, choreographer and producer of the Tango dance company (2015) and school (2021) "Tango Entre Mujeres".  Anahí is certified as an instructor in Tango-Dance by the Centro Educativo del Tango de Buenos Aires (CETBA), where she currently teaches, and as a Native Dance Teacher by the Inter-American Dance Confederation (CIAD). She is dedicated to Tango and Folklore in teaching, interpretation, direction and composition. In 2019, she was Provincial Champion of Malambo Feminino, and in 2021, she was a finalist representing the Province of Buenos Aires at the national championship.


Anahí holds a degree in Folklore with a mention in Folkloric Dances and Tango, from the National University of Arts (UNA). She has made numerous exhibitions of Folklore, Tango and Contemporary Dance in different spaces - the Kirchner Cultural Center, Tecnópolis, Apertura Cosquín to name a few. She has taught at several institutions/ spaces - Tango World Cup, National University of Arts extension, International Queer Tango Festival. Anahí is the author of the play "Vinculadas" (Tango-dance) for the Cía and Tango Among Women (2019-prodanza). In 2020, she completed a Diploma in "History of the City of Buenos Aires", University of Buenos Aires, Faculty of Philosophy and Letters (UBA). Anahí is passionate about sharing her knowledge about Tango and Folklore dancing and the city that started it all.